With Emfloweryou I want to inspire you and invite you to discover your beautiful, vulnerable self and to come into your own power so that you in turn may be a source of inspiration for others.

I want to be a day maker for you by throwing love and flowers around and to inspire you, if you feel the same way, to do the same. And that doesn't have to be big or complicated at all. In fact, I like to keep it simple and close to home. A warm cup of tea, the sun coming up, the weeds between the tiles, there is so much to be grateful for!
A better world, and therefore a better you, starts with yourself, that is my motto.

I'm writing blogs and poems (my Soulflowers) and want to invite you to be grateful and enjoy the little things in life.


Emflower yourself to Emflower Others

My story:
What is love? I have been searching for it and have turned myself inside out to find out that love is very much present, even in very small things or gestures, if you are willing to open up to it. And that it is especially important to love yourself.
My divorce, and my journey to discover love, caused a reset. It was a tough and sad journey in which I almost drowned. Daily gratitude for what was right, what was beautiful, what was still there. Compassion with myself, compassion with the other (however difficult sometimes!). I found myself again and may experience that choosing from love and being grateful are two very strong and simple tools to feel powerful, but also vulnerable and loved.

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with love,

Hilda Scheenstra