An ode to the dandelion

The dandelion, usually unwanted and reviled. A pest in your garden. Weeds! They are allowed to remain in my lawn, but I must also admit that I do not tolerate them in my borders with perennials and shrubs. But just look at how beautiful they look when there are so many of them in a meadow under a typical (Dutch) cloudy sky! An ode to the dandelion!

Dandelions also remind me of early days. When we picked the leaves for our rabbits who loved them! Apparently you can even make a salad out of them (see here).
We put the dandelions in water where then the next day the stems had curled over. And who hasn’t blown dandelion fluff? I still do that sometimes! 🙂
An ode to the dandelion in 4 haiku!

Dandelion Bud

An expectation
Invisible promises
So ready to shine

Dandelion Flower

Yellow Explosion
Golden rays of a bright sun
Light up the meadow

Dandelion Puff

In a silent night
Almost invisible stars
Countless and so soft

Dandelion Pappus

All gone with the wind
An unknown destination
One last dance

Do you, too, perhaps have a story about or a fond memory of the dandelion?

If you like you can read more of my haiku here and here.

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