Bookworm (1/2)

I used to read a lot as a child. I woke up with a book in the morning and fall asleep with it in the evening. Every 3 weeks I went to the library to pick out some new books, because I had finished them all. Oh yes, a real bookworm! Somewhere during high school things went wrong. When I had to read books for my book list, when you had to remember everything about the book and you actually couldn’t relax anymore.


This moment

Just this moment that I want to write a blog about reading books. What I love so much, but what I feel I have so little time for, or rather: take time for. Because I have a choice and I choose to spend my time on something other than reading a book.
Just this moment that I want to start writing my blog at 10:10 am I see a little wren in my garden.
Just this moment I jsut finished he book “The Law of Attraction“. Nothing is coincidental, you attract what you focus on.

Once a bookworm, always a bookworm!

Although it is no longer like when I was a little girl. My time to read and with it the reading itself is much more fragmented. I also notice that reading for hours in a row doesn’t work well. I am probably more restless myself and there is also much more distraction, just think of the mobile phone. Yet I do notice a change. I just can’t deny it anymore, all those beautiful books that I see passing by, I want to read them, take them to me, learn and live them.

At the moment, I even bookworm myself through several books at the same time. Something I used to think was “weird”, but I do understand now. Because not every book lends itself to being read from the front to the back in one time . Of course I read a “normal” reading book, but I also read one or more books that teach or explain something to me and often also a collection of poems and /or a collection of stories. I really enjoy reading poetry, although I am still searching here, it is very personal what you like and don’t like.

Plint Poetry

Bookworm too?

A friend tipped me about “Goodreads“. Here you can keep track of which books you still want to read, are reading right now or have read. You can follow people, including your friends, and see what they read and therefore get inspired again. You can find me there as “Flowernl”. You can also set a goal for yourself. This year I want to read 12 books. Very curious if I succeed!

Besides that, if you have nice, inspiring book tips, I’d love to hear them! And of course I like to read why the book appealed to you so much 🙂

Oh yes, I just searched for the (spiritual) meaning of the wren. The wren stands for, among other things: where there is a will, there is a way. Exactly!

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