Christmas lights Haiku

I shot the photos below during a walk through Groningen. A bit of a drizzly walk together with my love where the many lights and hot coffee and chocolate in the Noorderplantsoen parc made up for a lot. It inspired me to write three Christmas lights Haiku 🙂

The first photo was taken along the Hoge der A, a street along the A, one of the canals around the center of Groningen (highly recommended!). During Winterwelvaart an annual weekend along the Noorderhaven, De Hoge- en Lage der A lots of large boats are completely decorated with lights. So beautiful to see! There is also theater and music and you can eat or drink something. This year the event was cancelled. Fortunately, there was a boat with lights 🙂

Grote der A Groningen

A silent witness
Of loneliness reflected
Lost in tears of grief

The second photo was taken of DOT. DOT is a dome theater where you can also have a nice and cozy dinner, and sometimes dance or watch a performance. In the summer next to Groningen’s cozy city beach, in the winter decorated as the largest Christmas ball in the world. Every year it’s a joy to watch.

DOT Groningen

Red classic beaty
Stunning in simplicity
Ultimate Christmas

On the last picture you can see the most beautiful Christmas street in Groningen as far as I am concerned: Gedempte Kattendiep, also called Via Vecchia after one of the 4 restaurants located here. A narrow and short alley, truly magical!

Via Vecchia Groningen

Thousands little lights
Warm and radiating hope
Magical embrace

If you like these Christmas light Haiku, you maybe like my Winter Haiku too! You can also find my Soulflowers on Pinterest.

A Haiku is a form of poetry originating in Japan and consists of 3 lines. The first line contains 5 syllables, the second 7 and the third line 5 again. A Haiku is originally often linked to an experience in nature. In the modern form, this is no longer necessarily the case. I love writing a Haiku. Writing a Haiku doesn’t require much time but it does require creativity. It is playing with words. And once you get into Haiku writing…. It’s almost addictive. Often you are already creating them in your head while you are still on your way 🙂

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