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You probably have noticed that I love to read. I wrote about it before. I read books in Dutch and also in English and I even read several books at the same time, horror for some I know…. 🙂 But each book finds its own time. Some books don’t lend themselves to being read quickly, sometimes a page a day is enough. One book I read together with my love and another book I even read aloud…. Curious? Below I share the books I’m currently reading (and with whom).

A Course in Miracles

If you are interested in manifesting you will come across this book. Gabby Bernstein, who writes a lot about manifesting, says this book changed her life. It exits of 3 parts: a textbook, a workbook with 365 daily lessons and a handbook for teachers. I don’t find it’s very accessible and at first I had a lot of trouble with the Biblical nature (I was not raised religious). It’s not a Bible, where you read God you can also read for example the Universe or your Inner Wisdom. The workbook also gives you exercises, especially in the beginning, I did not really take the time for that (sorry!). Well, what can I say… I have committed myself to read this book will finish it, but I do not recommend it. Much more accessible and highly recommended (and also read) is A Course in Miracles Made Easy by Alan Cohen.

Conversations with God, part 2

Part 2 of a trilogy by Neal Donald Walsh in which he reflects his conversations with God. Again a spiritual book where a few pages a day is enough. In terms of content, I see quite a few similarities with The Course in Miracles. The Biblical character is less prominent here. God even considers how we humans practice Godliness (especially in Part 1), very fascinating and fun to read. Part 2 is mostly about relationships among people and man’s place in society. A very accessible and easy to read book. I do recommend it!

The mystery of life


A book that I came accross everywhere and was written about very positively. A must-read which I read together with my love. Every week we agree on how far we read. We both make notes that we exchange when we get back together and often interesting conversations arise. You could call it spiritual reading. It is a power book and also a woman’s book. Written from a woman’s point of view, a touch of feminism even. It’s about how we (as women) always adapt to the expectations of others and that it’s time to choose for ourselves. Personally, I think this doesn’t only apply to women and I think she has missed a change to write it a bit more “gender neutral”. The content is definitely ok! I even read a few pieces to my daughters 🙂 Highly recommended as far as I’m concerned!

Little Women

A book from 1868 (!) recommended by my youngest daughter of 15. She read it for her English class, liked it so much and thought I would like it too. It’s about a mother and her 4 daughters, father is sent out as a soldier. They don’t have a lot of money, but still manage to be grateful and even share with people even poorer than themselves. It is just a very sweet book. Lovely to read during winter time 🙂

The mystery of live

The book I am currently reading to my 15 year old daughter at bedtime. Yes, it’s part of our evening ritual that I might write a blog about one time 😉 . It answers difficult questions in short stories, for example, how the earth came to be, how plants and animals came to be, what all a cell can do. It is intended and written for children, but certainly also for curious adults. Beautifully illustrated on every page, for that reason alone it is highly recommended! A beautiful book to see and to have, perhaps also a nice gift tip.

And every now and then I read a chapter from Harry Potter. See my blog on Spiritual Reading.
Would you like it if I shared more often what I am reading? Or maybe you have a book tip for me? I would love to se

p.s. I added some links to Amazon, but please buy your books at your local bookstore!

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