Dear inner critic

You probably know them, those little voices in your head. Those voices that tell you that you are not good enough, that you are not doing your best well enough, that bring you down and make you feel insecure. Your inner critic.

Little mean voices

Frankly, I have 2 of those voices. I gave them a name after an idea by Lou Niestadt who has given a name to all her inner persons: Miss Patty Perfect and Strictly Sarah. Stictly Sarah most represents my inner critic. These persons or voices do not necessarily have to be negative. They can also help you or give you advice! Of course I don’t always suffer from Strictly Sarah, she also has very beautiful qualities. She brings structure to my busy (but fun) life, she makes sure that I do and finish things (including writing this blog).

A letter

Although I often have problems with her, I sometimes really need her. That’s why I decided to write her a letter about an issue I’m currently struggling with: creating enough time for my own joy.

Dear Sarah,
You are so strict with me! I usually don’t mind that, but today you can be strict with me in a different way. Would you like to tell me now and then that I may have fun? And “must” do what I  like the most at that moment. Follow my JOY. I really need your help because otherwise I will not be able to follow my joy and “be in the now” and that is what I want soooo badly. Would you like to do that when I am home, free from work. Do you want to add Time for JOY on my To-Do list and monitor that I will actually do that? Thanks!

inner critic


Fortunately Sarah was willing to respond to my letter …

Dear Hilda,
Of course I want to do that for you! You know you can always count on me. I will make sure you make time for YOU! XXX

Your turn!

Which inner person do you suffer from and how could he / she help you instead of getting in the way? Go for the conversation I would say! 🙂

  • What do you need?
  • Why do you need this?
  • How / with what can he / she help you?
  • In which situations can he / she help you?

An interesting article about your inner critic you can find here.

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