Flower Haiku (part 1)

This time some Haiku to go with small pieces of art I’ve made for ICAD2020. ICAD stands for Index Card A Day and is organized annually by Daisy Yellow. During the months of June and July she invites you to make art on an Index Card every day: 61 pieces in total. In 2020 I was inspired by an older Illustrated Flora of the Netherlands. I chose 61 plants/flowers and wrote a Flower haiku for each one. In this post Flower Haiku (part 1) with the Marigold, Narrow Plantain, Mint and Wild Strawberry. I must say I learned a lot and liked it very much to write an appropriate Haiku with the plant I choose.

Creative for 61 days

The beauty of ICAD is, precisely because you are working with small and inexpensive resources, you can just try everything and it is also not a problem when something “fails”. It’s just indexcards… Every week you get 7 prompts/assignments and also a theme you can work with, for example collage or crayons. You can follow that, or just go your own way and choose your own theme and/or resources. The latter is what I did in 2020.

Flower Haiku: Marigold

You orange hero
Your super healing powers
Take care of us

Flower Haiku: Narrow Plantain

A little bit sky
Not very noticeable
But still standing strong

Flower Haiku: Mint

Your leaves so tasteful
Poured over with hot water
Nourishing myself

Flower Haiku: Strawberry

Beautyful flowers
Little tasty sweethearts
Delicious harvest

If you have been following me for a while you know that I also did ICAD in 2019. In 2019 I made 61 collage houses, also with this I wrote a Haiku. Take a look here or here.

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