Give and take

Give and take. Two opposites, but also inseparable. Two sides of the same medal. An enormously powerful combination and therefore a golden medal as far as I am concerned. If you want to know what the power of giving is and what giving can give YOU in return, then please read on! So give and take!

Giving makes you creative

Of course you can buy or pay for something you want to give. Especially when you find something that you know the other person will be very happy with. But personally I find it a nice challenge to give something that costs little or nothing. Bringing a home-baked cake, helping someone with chores, passing on a read book, volunteering. There’re so many possibilities!

Giving makes you grateful

When you often give something to someone else you become much more aware of when something is given to you. Not only do you become more aware, you also become more grateful. And I believe, as you probably know, that gratitude has an enormous power to make you feel good.

Give and take

Giving connects

Giving always involves another person. You give something to another or another gives something to you. Immediately there’s a connection between you and the other person. You’re no longer alone, but connected to someone else! The feeling of connection is one of the most important basic needs of us humans.

Giving makes you happy

Make giving a mindful moment, be totally present with the other person and what you want to give and really take in how the other person reacts. What could be more beautiful than to see someone happy or grateful for something you have given them. Happiness hormones will be released. When you are in the moment, you can forget your own worries and enjoy your Helpers High. 😊

Giving is giving to yourself

By giving to someone else you are indirectly giving to yourself. When you give, the other person will thank you and will see you, appreciate you, acknowledge you and let you shine 😊. And maybe you will even get more than that. So thank the other person most of all, always!

In the end

Maybe you’re already experiencing how nice it’s to give something to someone. Whether you give someone a gift for his or her birthday, you treat a friend to a cup of coffee in a nice place or you send someone a card that could use a boost. It’s really not about the big and expensive things. Complimenting someone or just listening attentively to someone are also very grand gestures.

Giving makes me happy definitely! When you subscribe to my newsletter you will receive 5 tips to boost your gratitude.

And what about you? Will you cook for your sweetheart or a lonely neighbor? Will you take your parents or children for a walk? Will you invite your friends for coffee or a picnic? What will you give?

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