Harlingen Haiku

A few weeks ago I participated in a photo city walk through Harlingen with photographer Lydia. During our walk she showed us nice places in Harlingen and gave us tips on how to photograph with your phone. Together with 5 other ladies that I didn’t know before, which I find very exciting, but also very fun 🙂 The walk was planned between 4 and 6 during the golden hours. Unfortunately the sun did not show itself. Yet the many lights gave a nice atmosphere and I enjoyed myself and made beautiful pictures. I wrote a few Haiku with it, Harlingen Haiku!

The first photo is of a monumental building also known as “de Blauwe hand” (the Blue Hand), a beautiful building from 1647 with a typical stepped gable. It has had various uses, including as a gallery for the debut of Jopie Huisman, a Frysian painter. Now there is a restaurant, maybe an option for a diner when I’m back in this beautiful city 🙂

Blauwe Hand Harlingen

Hands blue from the cold
Adding on today’s menu
Salty catch from sea

The second photo was taken in the harbor of Harlingen. Just like in Groningen, where I added Haikus to some photos with lights around Christmas, here too boats are decorated with lights, I love it!

Harlingen harbour

Coming home from sea
Warm welcome, a long journey
Through gray, wet and cold

The last picture where I wrote a haiku for is a picture of the Harlingen lighthouse. It is no longer in use as a lighthouse. Now it is one of three special sleeping places in Harlingen. Besides sleeping in this lighthouse, you can also sleep in a crane and a lifeboat. Really special places to stay! Even though it is out of service, it is still beautiful to see so between day and night.

The lighthouse of Harlingen

Formerly beacon
A bright light in the darkness
Sleeping peacefully

You can also find my Soulflowers on Pinterest.

A Haiku is a form of poetry originating in Japan and consists of 3 lines. The first line contains 5 syllables, the second 7 and the third line 5 again. A Haiku is originally often linked to an experience in nature. In the modern form, this is no longer necessarily the case. I love writing a Haiku. Writing a Haiku doesn’t require much time but it does require creativity. It is playing with words. And once you get into Haiku writing…. It’s almost addictive. Often you are already creating them in your head while you are still on your way 🙂

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