Messages from the heart

Feeling connected

Two photos, two of my best friends. Because they thought of me! Girlfriend 1 literally to support me because I was having a hard time. And girlfriend 2 because when she saw the sprouting plant she thougt about the mail I sent her when I was busy setting up my website about strength and vulnerability. A little seed growing to something beautiful.

That someone is thinkig of me, makes me feel blessed, seen and heard. Blessed because I have these special people around me who make me feel that I matter. That I matter when I’m having a hard time, but also when things are going well.

Last year when I fell in a dark hole from one day to the next, my girlfriend (Girlfriend 1 in the text above :-)) started sending me a good night WhatsApp message every night. Just saying goodnight, with some sweet, sleep-related or uplifting emoticons. And very often also a beautiful or funny (nature) photo. And of course I sent her a message back 🙂 Now this is still part of “our” evening ritual.

Emflower yourself to Emflower others

In addition to all the other support from my family, friends and colleagues, this has really dragged me through a difficult period in my life! It can be that simple!

I now do the same with another girlfriend, who is going trough a hard time right now. This for me is really Emflower Yourself to Emflower others.

Your turn

Maybe there is someone of your friends who is having a hard time. Just telling him/her that he/she is not alone, that you are there for him/her, that you’re thinking of him/her, that you’re proud of him/her, sending him/her big hugs, whatever! Your phone and WhatsApp (or another app) is all you need ….

My best friends, thank you so much! I “see” you tonight! 😉

And…. who is receiving a message from you tonight?

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