More autumn Haiku

Just like last year, I wrote some autumn haiku. I took the photos during a walk and chose them because they fit together nicely. That is perhaps not so strange when you make them at the same time of year and during the same walk. Here, however, I saw another common theme. The black and white, the hard and soft.

Of course, in autumn it is wonderful to walk in the woods and enjoy the trees in their autumnal glory, the mushrooms and everything else that nature in the woods offers you. But also outside the forest, just on the street, autumn shows itself in all its beauty. I hope these photos will inspire you. That when you walk through the city today or tomorrow you will also see the beauty of this season. That you consciously observe it, enjoy it, are grateful for it and maybe even shoot a nice picture of it. And even, if you feel that way, write a poem to go with it.


Simple reflection
In rain, wind and dirty mud
A fallen beauty

Leaves on the street

A few autumn leaves
Boldly crossing the borders
Just inside the lines

Gall apple

Right in front of me
Red natural perfection
Lonely polka dot

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A Haiku is a form of poetry originating in Japan and consists of 3 lines. The first line contains 5 syllables, the second 7 and the third line 5 again. A Haiku is originally often linked to an experience in nature. In the modern form, this is no longer necessarily the case. I love writing a Haiku. Writing a Haiku doesn’t require much time but it does require creativity. It is playing with words. And once you get into Haiku writing…. It’s almost addictive. Often you are already creating them in your head while you are still on your way 🙂

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