New year’s resolutions

Yes, it’s January, time for new year’s resolutions! Or not?
I actually don’t like new year’s resolutions at all. It’s like you’re not doing that well right now and want to do it better. Often after a few weeks they have already ended up in the back of the closet, overtaken by the daily reality of other things that are also important or maybe even more important.
Yet I find the beginning of the year always a good time to pause. To ask myself what I want to do with the year ahead.

22 for 22

I like the lists of Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project (recommended!) and her sister Elizabeth. For this year they are making a 22for22 list. You could see it as new year’s resolutions, but I see it more as things you like to do, research, etc. because you like to do them (and therefore not because you think you should do something better or differently).

New Year's resolutions

During the first week of January, I sat down with this for a while. Below is my 22for22 list :-).

  1. Walking the Noardlike Wâldenpad (the last walked stage is already very long ago!).
  2. Make a hiking trip of 2 or more days.
  3. Doing a cycling tour with at least 1 overnight stay.
  4. Make more reels.
  5. > 250 followers on Instagram (spread the word!).
  6. Getting professional photos (of myself).
  7. Organize home dinners for family and/or friends (minimum of 6).
  8. Week/Weekend getaways (at least 2 times).
  9. Organize a winter BBQ.
  10. Declutter (500 items).
  11. Participate in a Clean-up or Volunteer Day (in nature).
  12. Making music together.
  13. Buying durable or 2nd hand clothes.
  14. Experiment with eating sugar free for 1 week.
  15. Mindfulness in winter on Insta (more on this soon!).
  16. 4-8 hours a month of creative work (working in an art-journal or similar).
  17. Getting to know and use my new camera (I already purchased an Online photography course!).
  18. Taking Ukele playing to the next level.
  19. Writing, writing, writing….
  20. Reading 15 books.
  21. Weekend away by myself.
  22. Eating out 2 times at a vegetarian or vegan restaurant (or having it delivered).

And now I am very curious…. Do you have any new year’s resolutions? Do you maybe pick a word or theme for the year? Is this 22for22 list inspiring you to make your own? I’d love to read a reaction in the comments anyway!

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