Do you recognize this? That it‘s all a bit too much for you, that 24 hours in a day is not enough, that you feel overwhelmed while you would love to feel an overflow with happiness… Well I do!

Go with the flow

After my wonderful holiday in Barcelona with my girls, which overflowed me with so much joy, and our family weekend at sea in the Netherlands, I needed time to get back to my feet again. Time to get back in the flow I was in. Time to catch up time, at least that’s how I felt it.

Actually it didn’t feel good at all while it might be good for me. Let go of everything, go with the flow, feel free and follow my Joy. That’s what I just did in Barcelona and by the sea. That’s exactly what I want. All those great things that are currently playing in my life, just enjoy!

And yet…

And yet it keeps on grinding and feeling itchy. It is too much, overwhelming, the e-mails that keep coming in, the nice challenges that come along, my endless to-do lists (unfortunately my laundry does not fold itself). Not knowing what to start with and what to do first and last. I like too many things. 24 hours in 1 day is not enough. Recognizable?


So what to do?

But what to do now? How do I get out of this? In any case, take a breath and consider what I feel now. Think about what could help me. For me that means focusing, letting go and making choices. And if you recognize yourself in this, it might also help you!


Focus on one thing at a time. From all those nice things, choose one thing and focus on it for just 1 month. One thing that you are particularly looking forward to! Put all those other things in your dream cabinet (as Lou Niestadt always says). Perhaps it helps to literally grab a box or notebook in which you put down or write down all your ideas. Next month you can choose something nice again 🙂

Let go

Let go of what gets in your way or doesn’t make you happy anymore. Cleaning up (Marie Kondo) both in your house and in your head and heart. Unsubscribe from newsletters and / or Facebook groups. All those things that you do because you’re supposed to do, because it is expected of you or because it has to be done by yourself. Take a closer look at them, do you really have to do that? Do you remember my inner critic?


Choose freedom and Joy. Replace “I must …” with “I choose …”. Be especially careful with the “One moment, I just have to …”, because that “one moment” often takes more time than you like. No longer let yourself be guided (or suffer) by Social Media, choose consciously or stop it completely. Turn off all beeps, notifications etc. or go offline for a whole day or week or month. And remember, you do not have to respond immediately to everything. And if you regret your choice or want something else: choose again, choose again, choose again!

It sounds so easy, but it isn’t. Not for me in any case. Because I want to do it so well, make everyone happy and be there are for my girls, my love, family and friends …


It is not that easy, to really choose (and take care of) yourself! A good peptalk or big hug from someone who loves you also helps. So if you see someone struggling …. 😄

Now it’s your turn! What do you do to feel less overwhelmed?

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