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zero waste challenge

Zero Waste!

Living without waste! That’s keeping my mind busy at the moment and giving me a lot of possitive energy. Just after reading something about Zero Waste this idea came to me spontenously. Shall we try this for a month, turn it into a real Challenge? The girls were really enthousiastic, they thought along and we also had some nice conversations! 🙂

Keep on dreaming…

But let’s be honest. It’s not going to be a total Zero Waste Month for us. So what are we going to do? During this month we want to try to produce less waste. We would like to investigate what it is to live a Zero Waste life, what we encounter living a Zero Waste live and how we may or may not fit it into our lives.

Experiencing how far we can go without having to turn our entire lives upside down completely. Because one thing has become clear to me after some research. Living a Zero Waste life is not easy and really requires a different lifestyle which we can’t realize in just one month.

Wanna join?

We would love it if you join us! A better environment and world starts with you and besides that: all the little bits will help! During the month of September I will post a blog every day to share our experiences and acquired knowledge. What is working for us where we are living and what not? And I will also try to give some usefull tips. Super fun to do with your kids (or your friends, or neighbors or colleagues)

Zero Waste Links

If you’d like to prepare yourself to join us or just are interested:

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