Bookworm (2/2): 5 tips for a read book

In this blog I would like to share 5 tips for what you can do with a read book. I’m talking about a physical book, of course! 🙂. As you could probably see from my previous Bookworm blog, part 2 would follow. So what if you have finished your book? Do you, as a real bookworm, immediately start to read the next book? I myself do not read that many books in a year, but when I have finished a book I always have to relax a bit, let it sink in. Usually after a few days I am ready for the next book. As I read several books at the same time fortunately they are never finished at the same time 🙂.

Thrift shop

Of course you can put your read book back in your own bookcase. With some books I do that too, because I just want to keep it. For other books I am sure I will not read them again. So the first tip for a read book is to bring it to the thrift store or 2nd hand bookshop. Incidentally, I sometimes get a book from the thrift shop myself, often for little money. Of course you can also sell your book online.

Pass along

Do others a favor with it, so nice to pass on a nice book. And often family and friends read the same kind of books. And then ask the person you give it to to pass it on. Of course you can also exchange books with each other, then it goes 2 ways. I just love it!

Free little library

If you really read and /or have a lot of books, have the space and you like, you can also make your own free mini library. You see them more and more, those little book houses that are next to a house, sometimes simple and sometimes really beautifully made. Here you can put your own book in and get another book out of it. Take a look at this website to see if there might be such a little library in your area or register your own.

Little library

Let it wander

It is also nice to let your book wander. Leave it somewhere in a public place. In a park on a bench, on the train, in a cafe … I once left a book at my work with a little note in it. Wandering 2.0 is also possible via Bookcrossing. Here you register your book and release it to wild to be found by someone else. It’s nice to follow the journey of your book.


And you should dare to do this! Create an Artjournal from your read book! Until fairly recently, I have actually only done this with books that I have bought especially for this purpose in the thrift shop. I especially like really old books, not too big, with some yellowed and thicker pages. Yes, I have my preferences, but you can actually do it with any book. Although I wouldn’t do it with a book with really thin pages.

Old book from my Grandma

Recently I got an old book back from my father that I got from my Beppe (Frisian for grandma). The book “School of seven girls” is from 1922, almost 100 years old! I know that I actually read it before. Of course I doubted, but I knew I was not going to read it again and so … Yes, I did! This booklet is used as Artjournal. Quite a difficult decision, but I actually think it is nice that I still honor this precious booklet in this way. Every time I work in it, my Beppe is with me.

Artjournal, tip for a read book

So, what do you do with your read book? I would love to see your tips!

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