More Joy with Energy

Inspired by Lou Niestadt and her Joyride to Freedom, I try to feel and follow my Joy. I already mentioned it in this blog. During my own Joyride to Freedom it’s not that strange (Law of Attraction in action) that I stumble upon the book Joyful, written by Ingrid Fetell Lee. In 10 themes she describes how you can add more Joy to your life. And this is not about great things and long journeys, but rather how you can add more joy close to home with small things, preferably with things you already have. In any case, it gives me a lot of joy and energy to share this with you in a series of 10 blogs. This first is about how to get more Joy with Energy.

When you feel Joy, you probably feel energized too. Good energy makes you feel happy and good about yourself. The more energy you have, the more you can play, create, recharge, enjoy, etc. And the great thing is that we always have energy available in the form of light and color.


It turns out that bright and intense colors make us feel happy. In her book Ingrid gives many nice examples of colorful environments that really made me happy. She also describes studies showing that people who work and/or live in a colorful environment are happier, friendlier and have more self-confidence.

You could see color as energy that has been made visible. The fact that color makes us happy is a thing of the past. Color is an indication that the environment is rich, rich in food, sweet, delicious fruit. Color nourishes us and therefore literally gives us energy!

More Joy with Energy at home
This picture shows part of my workplace where I use bright colors to create more Joy with Energy


A second source of Energy that makes you feel more Joyful is light. Everything you see and what makes you happy is made possible by light. So more sun in your life! Or rather, play with the sunlight! It is precisely the variation in light that makes us happy. Again, Ingrid describes studies showing that people perform better and feel more comfortable when they are exposed to enough daylight, but you probably already knew this yourself 🙂

Tips for more Joy with Energy

Below are some tips to bring more Joy into your life with Energy:

  • Use bright colors in your home (or add more color);
  • Choose warm light, 3000 degrees Kelvin instead of 4000 or 5000 Kelvin (check the packaging);
  • Choose lamps with a CRI around 100;
  • Wear bright clothes, choose clothes that give you Joy;
  • Play with the (sun) light in your house. Let it in, distribute it, let it bounce and sparkle.
More Joy with Energy at home with rainbow colors
This picture shows a part of my bookshelve where I ordered my books like a rainbow.

Want more?

If, like me, you want more Joy in your life then definitely check out the website from Ingrid Fetell Lee where you can also find a lot of free resources. Watch her TED talk or join her very nice Facebook group!

What are you going to change to create more Joy with Energy?

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