Morning rituals

How do you start your day? Do you have regular morning rituals or do they differ depending on your day or how you feel? My day starts with the same ritual almost all the time. Not thinking too much gives me peace of mind. I am also a real morning person so maybe that helps too. In this blog I share my personal morning rituals!

Get up early!

The alarm goes off early on my working days. Especially in winter I am very happy with my Lightup alarm clock Now that I work from home, because of Corona, my clock goes of at 5:45, otherwise even earlier! On the days I don’t have to work I usually wake up early as well 🙂
For the first hours of the day I try to ignore my mobile phone. I had to practice for that. Alone with my own inner world without the outside world already taking it over.


I am trying to follow the 20/20/20 method. 20 minutes of exercise, 20 minutes of reflection and 20 minutes of growing. See here for the link to an interview between Marie Forleo and Robin Sharma of the 5am Club.
After some water on my face to wake up, I start my day with yoga. That varies from 10 minutes to half an hour or even longer when I have time and want to. I have a payed subscription for Brett Larkins Uplifted. But she also has a YouTube channel where many free lessons can be found. Try this one or this one. In this case too, I like that I don’t have to think for myself. I just choose a lesson that I need at that moment.


After my yoga I make myself a pot of tea and start writing. The writing goes up and down a bit. In the summer I “did” The Artist Way where you write 3 morning pages every morning. At the moment I write at least 1 page almost every morning. You can also use these morning pages very well to write down your intention for the day and your gratitude notes.

After writing, I try to do something that makes me learn. Sometimes I read a few pages from a book (not a novel) or I watch an inspiring movie. This can be an art lesson or a piece of nature film. I find these last 20 minutes the most difficult! I don’t always succeed. Sometimes I just run out of time!


I always have a tasty and healthy breakfast. One morning yogurt or cottage cheese with fresh fruit and muesli, the next morning oats, usually warm One of my favourites is oats with banana and peanut butter. But also sometimes overnight oats with, for example, fresh raspberries or a chia pudding. You’ve probably seen such a healthy breakfast on my Instagram page 🙂


After this I am ready for the rest of my day!

And now you, how do you prefer to start your day?

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