My Sweden Haiku

My Sweden Haikus? Let’s explain… 🙂 Lately I’m totally inspired by Jonna Jinton. She lives in the North of beautiful Sweden. Her videos and vlogs (check out her YouTube channel!) are absolutely stunning. I was thinking on how to get that feeling here where I live, in the North of Holland. I started to send pictures to my friend saying “my Sweden of today”. And now I thought to share these with you! To inspire you to go outside and love nature close to where you’re living. For my photos and videos I will be using #myswedenoftheday and #myswedeninholland. Feel free to use this hashtag or make your own and spread the word! And if you like, tag me!

Once I’m in a flow, I flow…. And so my Sweden pictures inspired me to write some haiku’s. So here I share 3 My Sweden Haikus with the pictures I took.

My Sweden Haikus - Fairy

Like a fairy tail
Just like any moment now
An angel will pass

My Sweden Haikus - Reflections

Setting sun colors
A beautiful reflection
Wrinkle-free water

My Sweden Haikus - Water

Infinite water
nourishing breath in and out
A sigh of relief

I hope you liked my My Sweden haikus. In my last Soulflower I shared 3 autumn haikus!

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