This time a very personal poem. I wrote it to accompany a piece of art in an old book (an altered book) that I created inspired by a class by Carla Sonheim. It describes very well how I felt just after my divorce. And when I read it again now I can still feel how I felt then, like I was standing in the rain by myself the whole time. Fortunately, some time has passed since then and everything has come back to normal and I just feel happy and loved again.


When the days are dark
Feeling heavy
Push you down
Embrace you with a black blanket

When it rains
Your tears are crying
You flood

When you duck into your jacket
Waiting for someone to find you
Seeing You

When you don’t want to be
You feel empty
You don’t want to fight anymore

When you let go
Feed on
Your distraught grief

Should you recognize this feeling of standing alone in the rain, know that it will pass. Time heals all wounds. Such a cliché, but also so true! What has helped me is compassion for myself, as well as for others (if any) and being grateful for all that is and is going well.

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