Snow Haiku

In my previous post with Winter Haiku I wrote that I love all seasons, even winter. Especially with snow and ice, which doesn’t happen that often in the Netherlands. And so suddenly there was a real winter. It started with a big snowstorm after which it just stayed cold for a whole week. At night it was -14 degrees and during the day it was well below zero! And yes, we could skate! The ice was not as nice everywhere, but the sun made up for a lot. I really enjoyed it! From the walks in the snow, from running through the beautiful white landscape and certainly from skating! It yielded many beautiful photos and this time I wrote some Snow Haiku with them. As many as 5! Because I could not choose 🙂 and because I want to!

Snowy path

An inviting light
White illuminated path
Unknown destiny

Scating at sunrise

The magic of ice
The light of a brand new day
A breathtaking view

Snow landscape

As far you can see
In a frame of long branches
An endless white plain

Snow and ice landscape at sunset

Beautiful and strange
So out of this world
View of snow and ice

Couch of snow

Settled in bright white
A gentle invitation
Outside reverie

Want more? In this Soulflower I shared a view My Sweden haiku!

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