Winter Haiku

If you ask me about my favorite time of the year, I don’t really know the answer. I love every season, including winter! Preferably also with snow and ice, but unfortunately that does not happen very often in the Netherlands. I do enjoy the beautiful soft light, the silhouettes of the bare trees, the plants that are still there with the faded flowers and seed pods or ripe after a cold night. Anyway, inspiration enough to make some beautiful photo’s and a winter haiku.

Winter haikus - Ice in the evening

Very cold evening
ready for the night to come
luminous ice blue

Winter haikus - Drops in the ice

Few cold water drops
Don’t want to surrender
To King of Winter

Winter haikus - Frozen wire

An ice cold still life
Emerged in a frozen night
Temporary Art

Winter haikus - Frozen leaves

Abandoned useless
Last ultimate brilliant show
Standing ovation

Want more? In my last Soulflower I shared 3 “My sweden” haiku!

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