Zero Waste: around the sink

Zero Waste around the sink? Well, as with many I think, there is a lot of plastic around my sink in the form of all kinds of plastic containers and tubes. Of course it isn’t possible to change this all in just 1 month, not only because the containers and tubes are not yet empty. But what did I do? Besides that I’ll give you some extra tips.


I actually always use deodorant rollers. I ordered the zero waste “rollers” from Ben & Anna. The packaging is made of paper and the “roller” or actually stick is pressed a little bit upwards with your hands. There are several scents available, in my opinion a really good alternative!

zero waste deo

Make your own deodorant

Deodorant is also very easy to make yourself! The recipe I used:

    1 part corn flour

    1 part baking soda

    1 part coconut oil

Whether or not a few drops of essential oil like you prefer.

Mix this together and put it into a glass jar, for example, but with a slightly wide opening. You use it with your fingers. As far as I’m concerned, I think it works a great! I even found out that this deodorant also works very well in rough skin, it makes it very soft!

Other tips

  • Cotton swabs made of wood, which are great (available online). From now on, those made of plastic are a no-go.
  • A bamboo toothbrush, also available. I didn’t try it myself, but when my plastic version is finished, I will definitely take care this. Unfortunately, there is no Zero Waste alternative for electric brushing.
  • Washable makeup pads or cotton pads. I don’t use them a lot myself, so I haven’t tested it either, but I think it’s a great option.
  • Toothpicks of wood!

Yesterday I wrote a blog about Zero Waste drinking.

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