Zero Waste: at school and work

With Zero Waste in mind, take another look at what we can improve when we go to school and work. And very crazy, the girls are already further than me! 🙂

Drink cups and bread boxes.

The girls have their own drinking cups (Doppers) and bread bowls from the first day of school. We even have a Thermo Dopper for tea or cold drinks. Only recently have we stopped packing the “fruit” in a sandwich bag. Actually, that is just fine in the separate tray that comes with the bread box. Except for “wet” fruit such as melon or pineapple, but for this we now use a separate plastic container (washable and reusable) with lid.

zero waste on the way

Bring your own mug

I still take my sandwich in a plastic bag. Ok, I use this bag several times, but still! But by now over to the bread box, it can be that simple. I have a mug brought by myself at work, but sometimes I use plastic cup, for example when I’m in a meeting. Consciously, in addition to my telephone, pen and paper, I have to take my mug with me! My fruit waste is not (yet) collected separately at work, I just take it back home to throw it in the green container there.

Company restaurant

With lunch in the company restaurant I also get a long way. You can take your sandwiches without plastic and you can pour milk or buttermilk from a pack into a mug. All things you want to eat with your are unfortunately packed individually. From a hygiene point of view, I get it. The organic waste can be disposed separately here. It is difficult for me to look behind the scenes, and it may be better, but I can be satisfied with this.

On the road

Of course we are not only at school or work. Sometimes we are on the move in other ways. Now that we are working on this challenge (and therefore think more consciously about our footprint), we more often decide to bring our own bottle of water instead of buying a bottle somewhere. Nice to see that the girls are also fanatic about this 🙂
The only thing we don’t have a good alternative for yet are the packaged “school” cookies. The cookies that are packed per 2 or 3 pieces. We also take these when we are traveling. So if you have a suggestion, please let me know in the comments!

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