Zero Waste: clothes

What can you say about Zero Waste clothes? This month I (coincidentally) did not buy any clothes myself. But I do think I can say something about it and give you tips on how to act on your clothes more Zero Waste.

Buy new clothes

To be honest, I have to admit that I am not really busy buying clothes consciously. Except that I buy as many cotton clothes as possible and therefore no polyester, acrylic or nylon. In fact, I have never delved into where the clothes that I buy come from and what their ecological footprint has left behind. Although I know that, especially in the cheaper shops, you can (and even should) have doubts about that. If you want to buy new clothing, choose clothing made from organic or sustainable materials. Choose cotton, bamboo or linen for example.

zero waste clothes


Also a very good option is buying second hand clothes or maybe even exchanging clothes with your friends. I certainly did this once and I think that if you like it and you have the time you can put together your entire wardrobe of 2nd hand clothing. Except then maybe your underwear 🙂. In our local thrift store to find something nice is a challenge. But I know that in larger cities you can also score 2nd hand designer clothes very well. This can of course also be done online via Etsy for example.

Make it yourself

When you are a bit handy you can of course make your own clothes! I am not very handy with the sewing machine, so sewing my own pants, skirt or blouse is not going to be a success for me. But what I can do is crochet or knit a hat, scarf, shawl or handwarmers. Here too you can of course check out Etsy, plenty of creative people who make beautiful clothes.


If you want to get rid of your clothes, make sure it is recycled properly. Give it away, trade it, sell it online, take it to the recycling center or dispose of it through a clothing container!

Yesterday I wrote a blog about Zero Waste for your pets.

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