Zero Waste: cooking

Zero Waste cooking starts with shopping groceries of course, but I think there is more to tell about it, also because I love cooking so much 🙂

No meat, no fish

Like I wrote, I really enjoy cooking. Every week I pick out recipes that match what the season offers. And we also eat mainly vegetarian. Eating meat really leaves a significant ecological footprint. Even more Zero Waste is opting for vegan food. I certainly want to delve into that more in the near future, but I don’t think we will switch entirely to vegan food. If you do not want to eat entirely vegetarian, you can of course also decide to eat less meat, as a flexitarian. And if you buy meat (or fish) then choose the organic variant!

zero waste cooking

Plan and cook ahead

Because I work outside the house 4 days a week and the girls and myself also regularly exercise and train, there is not much time to cook on weekdays. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday I cook “extensively” and actually always 2 portions. So plan and cook ahead. The second portion we eat on a weekday. In particular, quiches, oven dishes and (meal) soup lend themselves well to this and are often on our menu. And if something unexpected happens. A quiche, oven dish or soup can also be frozen and enjoyed at a later time 🙂

packages and bags

Of course, cooking from packs and bags and Zero Waste do not go well together. I almost never cook from packages and bags, although I use them sometimes. A homemade pasta sauce or soup tastes so much better! And it’s really easier than you think. It may take a little more time, but for me it’s worth it. Several times people who have eaten with me have been surprised that it is indeed that simple and really tastes better. Cooking with love, I call it 🙂

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