Zero Waste: drinking

Zero Waste drinking you can do best with tap water, tea and black coffee. But what else can you think of?


The best options for drinking Zero Waste are water, tea and black coffee. We are drinking a lot of tea, and I would like to tell you more about it in one of the following blog posts. We also drink a lot of lemonade. I buy the lemonade in tins. It is not entirely Zero Waste. The cans are recyclable, but not completely plastic-free. In addition, you get much more from a bottle of lemonade than from a pack or PET bottle. Basically a kind of bulk packaging for drinking. For now a great alternative for us

zero waste drinking

Packs and PET bottles

I only buy packs of drinks when we have a birthday to celebrate. That is out of the question in September so we will get away with it during this Challenge 😊
At the next birthday, I will see if fruit juices in a bottle can be an alternative. A guilty pleasure for us is a bottle of cola, a PET bottle with a deposit, well ok…

Best choice

The worst choice of course is a disposable bottle! When talking about drinking, let’s not forget to mention a plastic straw, an absolute no-go and totally unnecessary as well. A lot is written and discussed about which packaging is the best choice. Among other things recycling a can, a glass bottle or a PET bottle also requires energy that releases CO2. Our goal in this Challenge is to produce as little waste as possible and that is why we opt for packaging that can be recycled.

Bring your own mug

Another tip that I can easily say here: bring your own mug or mason jar! At Starbucks it is simply accepted when you bring your own mug. If you drink your drink in Starbucks yourself, you can also ask if your drink can be served in an earthenware mug. I also have my own mug at work and luckily I see that many colleagues do the same 😊

Yesterday I wrote a blog about dairy!

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