Zero Waste: evaluation

September 30, 2019, the last day of our Zero Waste Challenge! Delving into a Zero Waste life. A blog about our Zero Waste Challenge every day for 30 days. Nice, but also intensive. Time for an evaluation! And do we stop now? No, absolutely not!


So nice that when you come up with a Challenge like this and drop your plans with some people, then it already starts! You yourself will delve into it, think about what you want to blog about and secretly start a bit. But even then you influence the people around you. They also deepen themselves, take action, send you interesting articles etc. All positive energy. Empower yourself to Empower others!

zero waste impact

What do we keep?

Last month we really tried out some new things. One was easier to accept than the other. Washing with a block of soap took some time getting used to, but it is fine for me to continue. Of course we still have a stock of shower foam etc. in plastic bottles. We will make this up. But I really think that the shower will no longer be as full as it was before our Challenge. Washing hair with a shampoo bar is fine for me, the girls are not yet completely convinced. I definitely want to try another brand! The shaving soap block and the home-made deo are, as far as I’m concerned, for keeps, I like them very much! It is also my intention to continue to order the dairy at the Milk Tap. This takes soem time to really gets in your system, but I am going for it. As we noticed, it really saves waste.

What do I want to work on?

A month is only short and as you have been able to read in various blogs, I have not yet been able to tackle everything. In any case, I still want to look critically at the things on my sink. Make a face cream myself and see if I can do that with fewer jars. Another point of attention is cleaning, there is certainly something to be gained there as well. What still produces a lot of waste is the packaging around fruit (and sometimes vegetables). I would really like to tackle it, but unfortunately I don’t have a good alternative at the moment.

And what else?

I estimate that we now have about 1 garbage bag of residual waste in every 2 weeks. I’m quite satisfied with that. I also don’t know if I can really get it further down. After this Zero Waste Challenge, some permanent changes have indeed been made and I therefore expect that we will continue to consciously deal with waste and also take on new challenges. So who knows! I can imagine that some new Zero Waste blogs will be posted right here :-). Of course I hope I was able to inspire you to take a (small) step towards less waste. Every little bit helps, a better environment really starts with you!

Did you read yesterdays blog about Zero Waste snacks?

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