Zero Waste: from where do we start?

Yes, let’s start! If you don’t know where this is all about, read this blogpost. Let me tell you just a little bit about our situation before we start our Zero Waste Challenge. Let’s say our starting point.

Our home and family

Our household consists of myself, my 2 (adolescent) daughters and our cat Teun. While Teun spends his day relaxing at home, we go to work and to school. We all have our sports and so we have quite a busy (but fun!) life.

We are living just outside a fairly large village, which is well-stocked with supermarkets and other local stores including a thrift store. In principle, I do my shopping once a week (online) at the supermarket in our village. Once a week there is a small market: 1 stall for vegetables, 1 stall for bread and cookies, 1 stall for meat, 1 stall for cheese and so on.

zero waste start situation
green carbage bins

Our neighbourhood

In our municipality, green (organic) waste is collected separately in a green container. Containers for clothing are also available. Old paper is collected by schools and/or churches and can be put on the road on certain days. This unfortunately not in my dead end street outside the village, but I take it to a company in the neighborhood that collects it in paper containers. The remaining (small) waste ends up in the gray container. And of course there is a “dump” for the large waste

Our Challenge

I myself think that I already live quite consciously and make conscious choices with regard to waste, at least most of the time 🙂 Whether that’s the case I will experience!

I am not a zero-waste expert or guru. Of course we read something and prepared some things together. At the end of this month we will certainly have become a lot wiser in this area. We are just very curious what we will encounter. Especially because we ar living in a village in the north of the Netherlands and that is really different from a big city in the west :-). And we would like to share these experiences with you!

We are looking forward to it! Are you ready too?

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