Zero Waste: Fruit and vegetables

Fruit and to a lesser extent vegetables are often packed in plastic and that is not Zero Waste. Unfortunately I cannot escape that either. What can you do to prevent or limit this?

Seasonal vegetables

What I always do, and really is Zero Waste, is cooking with what the season offers us, at least as much as possible. So seasonal Fruit and Vegetables! In the summer a lot of choice from all kinds of vegetables, also from our own garden, and in the winter mainly cabbages, carrots and beets. Despite that, it doesn’t always work, not even because I love cooking a lot and sometimes I use aubergines or avocados to name a few. They do not always come from the Netherlands and are not always delivered without packaging. Despite that, I think we’re doing pretty well here!

zero waste groente en fruit


With regard to fruit, we are not that rich in the Netherlands. In our household, quite a lot of fruit is consumed and some variation is certainly appreciated. Fruit from the supermarket is often packaged in plastic, also of course because it is fragile. I find this really difficult. Now in the summer there is so much delicious fruit available, how strict will I be …..

Go local

A tip I already gave in the shopping post: get it locally! Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables, from our own country (no transport!), fresh and usually without unnecessary packaging. And besides that, it is also just fun and you contribute to the local economy :-). In my area there are several options within cycling distance. Then dont’t, like I did, forget to bring a box or bag ….

zero waste groente en fruit

The market

If you live in the city you can certainly succeed at the (farmers) market. The market in our village is limited and does not really offer a solution here. Don’t forget to bring your bags here!

Your own garden

We would almost forget it, but vegetables (and fruit) from your own garden are of course also a very nice Zero Waste option. Of course you have to have the space for that. Even on a small balcony there are opportunities to grow your own vegetables. My garden is big enough for a small vegetable garden, because you need some work on it. In addition, I also have berry bushes (jam!) and some fruit trees. Abundance, almost for nothing! Growing vegetables is of course also fun and educational for children!

Yesterday I shared my personal experiences and tips for Zero Waste shopping.

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