Zero Waste: gifts

Give Zero Waste gifts, yes of course! I think 1 of my favorite topics and also a topic that I had not actually thought of beforehand! In this case my creativity is fully engaged, plenty of options!


How about home-made jam, home-made bread, cake or cookies, home-made granola. A self-crocheted rug or scarf, knitted gloves. A work of art made by you or a poem written by you.


Go to the thrift store, you might find the perfect gift for your girlfriend, brother, father, colleague. Or take a look around in your own house. That book that you have already read, that dress that you no longer wear, that vase that no longer fits in your home.

Give an experience!

Another idea is to give an experience instead of a physical gift. A city walk in a nice city, walking a part of a pilgrimage, a high tea or dinner at your home, a pottery course, making sushi or learn how to crochet, tickets for a concert, theater play or museum.

zero waste presents

Wrap it up!

Here too I can certainly enjoy myself. You can use an old newspaper or a nice page from a magazine as wrapping paper. A piece of string or wool, a nice paper label and you’re done!

Yesterday I wrote a blog about washing your hair Zero Waste.

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