Zero Waste: menstruation

How do you get through your period Zero Waste? The Zero Waste option for your menstruation is of course the Menstrual Cup whether or not in combination with washable sanitary pads.


My friends and I always get a little giggly. And they actually thought I should try this for to Zero Waste challenge my menstruation. They made jokes about how I would show that in photo (and video), oh I love my friends 😛
I did, of course, delve into it. The stories about it are positive! And yet I haven’t tried it this month. You have menstruation cups in sizes and it is really important that you have the right size. So you have to determine that and find out. In addition, insertion requires some practice.

zero waste menstruation

Costs and benefits

Finally, such a cup costs around 20 euros. A cup lasts approximately 10 years. If you look at what you have saved on tampons, it certain is worth the costs possible! But for an experiment it is still a bit too expensive for me, let alone that I can perform this experiment in 1 month and share my experiences. If I try again in the future, I will share my experiences!


As for the washable sanitary napkins I feel resistance, I don’t like the idea. That could very well be prejudices. I also read positive stories about these. For this challenge I have to disappoint you, I did not accept this challenge either.

If you want to know how we are doing after 2 weeks, click here.

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