Zero Waste: outside your home

In my Zero Waste challenge I mainly focused on how you can reduce your (plastic) waste within your own household. But you can of course continue this. Below some suggestions on how you can do something about the waste problem outside your own home.

Participate in a (Beach) Cleanup or clean-up day

There are probably days in your area where you can help clean up a beach or nature area on voluntary days. You can, of course, go further afield and combine it with a few days of vacation or make it a friends’ day. Perhaps nice to do with colleagues as a form of team building.


Taken from Sweden and a combination of the Swedish word for picking up: Plocka up and jogging. Clean up waste during jogging. It is intensive because every time you pick up a piece of waste you make a squat. Waste and working on your fitness, what more do you want! Can be filmed on social media with the hast tags #plogging or #plogga.

zero waste outside your home

Light Plogging

If you don’t like running or if you think it’s too heavy, you can also blog Light. You do that by just walking and while picking up some waste here and there and cleaning it up or taking it away. Whenever I go for a walk, I always try to take an (old) bag and pick up some trash and clean up.

Nice apps

With the App Litterati you can record where you found and collected waste and what kind of waste it was. With this app, a lot of data is collected that can be used to talk to the government and the business community.

Yesterday I wrote a blog about Zero Waste flowers and plants.

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