Zero Waste: paper

Despite the fact that (old) paper can be recycled properly, it is possible to collect as little paper as possible. Zero Waste is also about producing less waste and there is still room for improvement!

Unwanted paper

Although we collect the old paper separately and it is also easy to recycle, a lot of unsolicited paper still ends up on our doorstep, which disappears unread to the old paper bin. Packs of advertising, sometimes also packed in a little piece of plastic. An eyesore but also a matter of convenience.

zero waste folders

Collecting old paper

In the Netherlands we are used to collect old paper for a long time. We have a box in the pantry, I don’t know any better. In the village itself you can put the old paper on the road on certain days where it is collected by schools or churches for some extra income. This will also be the case in most villages and towns. Unfortunately I live just outside the village, also in a dead end street, where the old paper is not collected. I can empty my old paper bin at a company in neighborhood that has an old paper container.

The No/No and No/Yes sticker

But now that we are working on it, time for action! In the Netherlands you can purchase a No/No or No/Yes sticker through various websites and often also through your municipality (usually free!) and stick the sticker on your letterbox. A No/No sticker indicates that you do not want to receive advertisements or door-to-door papers. With a No / Yes sticker, you still want the free local papers. We choose the No/Yes sticker. Fortunately, the delivery person immediately takes us seriously and that saves a lot!

And so: what action can you take to limit your paper waste?

zero waste paper

Here you can find my blog from yesterdag, it’s about the 5 R’s!

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