Zero waste: pets

Zero Waste for your pets. Is it also possible to put your pets on a Zero Waste diet?

Now we only have one cat: Teun, but I think a number of things that apply to Teun also apply to other pets. Unfortunately I can’t tell you anything about many other pets. A short blog today, but I hope to inspire you to find out if you can still win something here.

Meat and dry food

Our cat gets meat from a tin can and also dry cat food. Meat from a can indeed and not from loose plastic/aluminum bags or cups. A tin can is recyclable and therefore the best option for us at the moment. We bought the dry cat foot in a bag, a plastic package. I went to look around me and I think I found a better alternative to the dry cat food: dry cat food in a cardboard suit. Some plastic eliminated!

zero waste cat food

Bulk store

From “the past” I remember several options for putting dry cat food in a bag myself. At the pet shop and also at the garden center here in the neighborhood that at the time sold animal feed. At that times in a plastic bag of course. There is no longer a bulk store for animal feed in my village. If that is the case with you, make use of it. And if, like me, you cannot do anything else, then at least buy the largest possible quantity of packaging.

Litter box

Our Teun has no litter box, our garden is large enough and it suits us and him fine. I assume the latter then 😊 Unfortunately, I did not test anything myself. There are certainly alternatives to a more (or even completely) zero-waste litter box. Look here and here. For example, if you have a dog, I know that biodegradable poop bags are also available!


Yesterday I wrote a blog about about Zero Waste shaving!

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