Zero Waste: shaving

Shaving, also an activity that you regularly get involved with in a women’s household. How can you shave (more) Zero Waste? Not only for women of course! 🙂

Disposable blades

Disposable blades are of course not done if you want to live Zero Waste. Well, I don’t use these. For years I am using my razor blade and now and then I replace the blade. The razor blade itself is plastic and also the blades are unfortunately not plastic free.

zero waste shaving


There are razors, the so-called scrapers or safety razors, with replaceable blades available that do not result in plastic waste. I have not tried it, but I assume that this works similarly to the knife that I use now. Because my knife is still fine, I leave it that way.

Shaving soap

I actually always use shaving gel or cream from a canister and that results in unnecessary waste. In addition, there is a great Zero Waste alternative: a block of shaving soap. I bought a shaving soap from Werfzeep. This is a Dutch brand but I guess similar shaving soaps are available at your country. Make some foam with water and your hands, apply the foam and shave! It is a more greasy soap that is nice for your skin too. I’m totally happy, no more canisters for me! Here you can find a video on how you can make shaving cream with a shaving brush if you want.

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