Zero Waste: snacks

As I wrote in my blog about school and work, I did not yet have an alternative for the school cookies wrapped in plastic. Now later in the month I think there are: (healthy) Zero Waste snacks!

Healthy snacks

Of course, for Zero Waste snacks, you can simply grab a piece of fruit or make a fruit snack made up of multiple types of fruit. You can also choose dried fruit such as raisins, dates or figs, whether or not combined with (different types of) nuts. If you want something different now and love baking, then read on for some more alternatives.


During the weekend I regularly bake a cake. Not necessarily a healthy snack, although there are of course possibilities for that. Reasonable Zero Waste in itself. I often choose the convenience and with that a package of cake flour to which you have to add sugar and butter. You can also bake cake from, for example, self-rising flour or spelt flour. For the butter I choose, again for the sake of convenience, for liquid butter from a plastic package, oops! You can replace the butter with coconut oil + a little water: 100 grams of butter corresponds to 80 grams of coconut oil and 20 grams of water. I will definitely give it a try!

Oatmeal cookies

A healthy and simple variant whose ingredients are in most cases reasonably available Zero Waste, especially on the market or in a bulk store. Choose a recipe without sugar, such as this one. The main ingredients are oatmeal and banana. You can play with the other ingredients. I sometimes make them with fresh ginger, yummie! I personally like them very much, unfortunately one of my daughters doesn’t like them.

zero wast snacks
oatmeal cookies


If you are more in the mood for something savory, popcorn is a great alternative and very easy to make yourself. Instead of salt you can of course also add sugar (and cinnamon) or other herbs of your choice such as rosemary or pepper. Another great Zero Waste option is making your own chips. This can be done with potatoes and also with other vegetables such as carrot, beetroot or sweet potato. Also for the chips you can vary with your toppings.

Yesterday I wrote a blog about Zero Waste cleaning!

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