Zero Waste: storing food

Zero waste storing your food, how do you do that? By that I mean that you use less or no aluminum foil or keep-fresh foil!

Aluminum and cling film

I have aluminum foil and cling film, but I don’t really use it often. If possible I use aluminum foil several times and that is often possible. At the start of our Zero Waste Challenge, I bought some extra plastic sstorage containers for taking fruit, but also for storing food. And indeed, we actually use these containers more for our challenge!


For aluminum and food cling film, or for storing food in general, there are several alternatives. Take a look here for example. I am recommended for a sponsor to try things out 🙂. You even have a food hugger especially for your avocado!

beeswas wrap

Beeswax cloth

I have ordered a set of 3 different sizes of beeswax cloth and tried it out. There is a smell of beeswax on the beeswax cloth which I do not necessarily think is dirty. It actually works the same as aluminum foil or cling film. You can fold it around a product or dish and even use it in the freezer. It is not suitable for meat or fish. You can wash it with cold soapy water and use it for about 10 months, after which you can throw it in the green container.
In the photo there is a spaghetti pumpkin from the own garden, prepared with a Bolognese sauce onder

Storage containers

As I indicated in the introduction, I now also use more ordinary plastic containers to store food scraps. That in itself works great even though it is not that practical for larger quantities or oven dishes. If you have some more left over you can also use them for the freezer!

Here you can find yesterdays blog about Zero Waste Art!

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