Zero Waste: under the shower

Bathing, poodle, showering, delicious! And especially with a wonderfully fragrant shower or bath foam. We have quite a few of them, after all we are girls 😊. Zero Waste under the shower? Well no, and so let’s see if we can change that.

shower before zero waste

Clean up first

It just so happens that on 1 September I ask my eldest daughter to remove all unnecessary shower foam, shampoo etc. from our shower. While cleaning up, I can already hear her calling that we really have quite a lot. Happy she is noticing that in this case too😊. We should be ashamed … The shower is almost boring. I bought 2 nice soap dishes (made of wood!). They are necessary if you want to switch to soap, the soap will last longer. We are adding another plant et voilà! Our shower is now completely zen.

Soap bars

Alternatively, I have several bars of soap. 2 bars that I had already taken from a holiday in France and 1 soap bought at bag-again. I have the feeling that soap is on a come-back, or is that because I am working on Zero Waste now? Lush I know for a while now but you see more and more beautiful (handmade) soaps being offered. I think you can find some nice webshops in your country where you can order nice bars of natural soap. There is also a lot to be found on Etsy. Choosing is not getting any easier.

We also have a bar of soap to wash our hair with and a bar of soap to shave with, but more about that later!

Getting used to it

The girls are not used to anything else than just a blob of shower gel or foam from a tube or bottle, so washing with a bar of soap is a bit different. Fortunately I still have a pile of washcloths (washandje in Dutch), they too had fallen into disuse. Did you know that a “Washandje” is something typically Dutch? It’s similiar to a washcloth but I think a bit more practical cause you can put your hand in it.😊

I get used to it fairly quickly, with the girls it takes a bit longer mainly because your skin feels a bit stiffer after washing with a block of soap. Maybe we haven’t found the ideal soap yet. Very curious what we will do with this after this month and what we choose. I suspect that the girls do not want to switch completely to blocks of soap. In addition, we still have some inventory to make …

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