Zero Waste: washing your hair

Washing your hair Zero Waste or not washing your hair at all. Let’s have a look at the possibilities.


Washing your hair … a bit more complicated than washing your body, at least in my opinion. Our long hair needs some care of course. Where washing my body makes it easy for me to switch to using a block of soap, I think washing my hair is a bigger challenge. And that’s the same for my girls 🙂


A real Zero Waste choice is simply not to wash your hair anymore, or at least to stop using shampoo (no-poo). I would like to leave this challenge to someone else. I wash my hair, on the advice of the hairdresser, only once a week. Fortunately my hair is not greasy and if necessary I wash it twice in a week, no big deal. I really don’t think it’s necessary to wash your hair every day. No more washing at all is the other extreme.

zero waste shampoo

Shampoo bar

Fortunately there are some alternatives, for example the shampoo bar! I know that Lush sells these but I have never bought or used them. I now even see the Hema is selling a shampoo bar! We opted for a shampoo bar from Pachamamaï that also contains a conditioner, which is of course very easy. How it works is that you make foam with your hands and some water and distribute it over your hair. With long hair that is still a chore, luckily we only have to do this once. To be honest, I still have to be convinced.

Yesterday I wrote a blog about how to Zero Waste your menstruation.

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