Zero Waste: washing

Zero Waste washing, how could you do that? For washing, I currently use washing powder (from a cardboard box) and fabric softener (in a plastic bottle….). I’ll share some Zero waste alternatives below.

Using less

You can probably use less washing powder and fabric softener. When I look at myself, I always throw in a little. Look at the package to see how much you really need and adjust the quantity accordingly. You can also pre-treat real stains with Ossengal soap. Less frequent washing can also be an option. Better for your clothes and also for your wallet! Although I have not tried them this month (unfortunately I cannot handle everything in 1 month) I do want to share a number of zero waste consequences with you.

zero waste washing

Laundry balls

For example the Eco Egg Wash Ball. Fill this ball with 2 types of mineral balls with which you can run more than 200 waxes. The balls can be refilled. You no longer need a fabric softener, but you can. It is hypoallergenic and also environmentally friendly, no harmful chemicals are released. Here too, it is possible that you can use Ossengal soap for stains before you wash.

Soap nuts

Or also called Sapinus Mukorossi. You can order them online. Put 4 to 8 nuts in a laundry bag with the laundry and then use them twice again. If you want you can also turn it into a liquid detergent by boiling them. After this you can put your nuts in the green container or the compost heap. The soap nuts are also hypoallergenic. In this case, fabric softener is not necessary either, you can add water and a few drops of essential oil. You also seem to be able to use chestnuts. At the time of writing, there are plenty of them soon! 😊 You can read how it works here.

Yesterday I wrote a blog about going to school or work zero waste.

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